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Midmark IQ-Spiro

Add a spirometer to the mix!

The Midmark IQspiro

Welcome to what could be the easiest-to-use spirometer in the industry.

This one integrates with the rest of the Midmark diagnostic devices, generating reports for your EMR or, if you don't have EMR set up yet, the simple-to-use IQmanager software. No more cumbersome paper printouts (and no more having to scan paper reports to get them into your computer system). The IQspiro from Midmark make spirometry simple and easy, while giving you the most accurate results for the most precise interpretation, all while archiving them digitally for you.


The Midmark IQspiro™ Digital Spirometry System combines a digital spirometer with innovative software solutions that make it fast and easy to capture, interpret and retrieve patient information. Our digital spirometer also features correct patient positioning that can optimize testing and an eject lever that saves time and alleviates handling of used mouthpieces.

  • View real-time Flow/Volume Loop and Volume/Time graphs with fully customizable parameters

  • Pre- and post-bronchodilator testing with automatic interpretation

  • New eject lever alleviates handling of used mouthpiece

  • Accurate and precise; meets or exceeds ATS 2005 Standards

  • Lightweight, portable design weighs only 9 ounces

  • Correct, ergonomic patient testing orientation

  • Easy grasp, new T-shaped handle design for patient support and stability during testing

  • Improved mouthpiece stability and protection with new easy-latch door design

  • Easy to print full page reports on standard paper


Usage: Easy to use, digital diagnostic spirometer

Graphics: Real time graphics – Flow-Volume, Volume-Time

Reports: Full size 8.5 x 11 inches, customizable and preprogrammed

Predicted equations:
Adult: Crapo (Crapo/Knudson compilation, aka ITS, ATS), Knudson (1976 & 1983 compilation), European
Community For Coal And Steel (ECCS) (1993), NHANES III (aka NLHEP, Hankinson), Morris,Roca

Pediatric: Knudson (1976 & 1983 compilation), Polgar (1971), Hsu, NHANES III, Zapletal, Eigen

Interpretation: NHANES III (NLHEP); ATS

Patient incentive screens: Candles, Thermometer, Tree & leaves, Tree, leaves & monkeys, Tree, leave & pinwheel

Disposable Mouthpiece (DM): Minimizes the chance of cross-contamination

EMR: Seamless EMR integration

Spirometry measurement principle: Fleisch Pneumotach – differential pressure reading of flow with a DM
Volume determined by flow integration

Measuring Ranges:
+/- 14 L/s – Flow
+/- 8 L – Volume
30 s – Maximum Measuring Time

Operating Conditions:
15°C to 40°C
10% to 90% Humidity, non-condensing

Analysis & Measurement:
Automatic Back Extrapolation calculation
Automatic Spirometry parameter calculation
Automatic comparison to published Spirometry Predicted Equations (Reference Values)
Automatic interpretation of test results

Parameters Measured: FVC, FEV1, FEV.5, FEV3, FEV6, FEV1/FVC, FEV3/FVC, FEV1/FEV6, FEV25%, FEV50%, FEV75%, FEV25-75%, FEV75-
85%, FEV200-1200, FEV0.5/FIV0.5, PEF, FIVC, FIV0.5, FIV0.5, FIF50%, PIF, Exp Time, Vext, MVV, MTV, RR, AT,

Patient Contact: Single-Use, Disposable Mouthpiece (Pneumotach)

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 7.75x2.5x1.75” , 191x64x44mm

Weight: 9 oz. USB version, 9.5 oz serial version w/ batteries

Calibration: 3-liter syringe

Serial version: Requires Two (2) 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries

USB Version: Does not require batteries

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