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Midmark IQ-Holter

Midmark's complete stress-test solution.

Midmark IQstress

Stress testing just became art.

Everything Midmark produces looks and performs like a million bucks, but they may have outdone themselves with their new IQstress system.

The treadmill is extraordinary and built to the most exacting standards we've seen. And the ultralight digital ECG is wireless, delivering its data directly into your computer system or into the simple-to-use IQmanager software.

This stress system and treadmill are going to become one of the gems of your practice — and your patients are going to absolutely love it.


The IQstress™ system from Midmark is an affordable, easy-to-use system that combines sophisticated cardiac testing with straightforward features aimed at increasing the time you spend with your patients. The IQstress system includes a lightweight, digital ECG, integrated stress analysis software, stress cart and a medical grade treadmill. Benefits include:

  • Everything is just a click away with a user-friendly, one-level menu

  • Customizable user profiles make procedure setup fast and easy

  • Quick access to customized test protocols, measurement parameters, display formats and reports

  • Seven protocols preprogrammed to begin testing immediately, including the Bruce and Modified Bruce

  • Easily review up to four stress tests for side-by-side comparison of a patient’s progress

  • Correct, ergonomic patient testing orientation

  • Summarize and review test results with detailed rhythm strips and averaged beats immediately after the test is completed, either locally or from any network

  • The medical grade treadmill is reliable, quiet and runs smoothly for assured patient comfort


Preprogrammed protocols: Include Bruce, Modified Bruce, Balke-Ware, Ellestad, Naughton, Ramp and Dobutamine

Customized Protocols: Unlimited customized protocols for treadmill, nuclear or pharmacological stress test

Customized test profiles: Incorporates user preferences like measurement parameters, display format and report settings with testing protocol

Integrated interpretive resting ECG: Provided by Midmark 12-lead Resting Electrocardiogram Analysis Program for adult and pediatric patients

Instant review: Freeze previous 60 seconds of all leads for instant review while monitoring live ECG

Rhythm strips: Save/print rhythm strips automatically at predetermined intervals or manually throughout the test

Immediate reports: Review full report online immediately after completing the test

Reanalyze: Reanalyzes and updates test results when patient or test data is changed

Warranty: 12 months

Patient Connection: 10-lead patient cable with RFI filter, defibrillator protection and patient isolation`

Safety Parameters: IQstress meets or exceeds the performance and safety requirements of ANSI/AAMI EC-11, ANSI/AAMI ES-1 and IEC-60601 Class CF

Physical Characteristics
USB Version
Weight: 10.2 oz.
Dimensions: 3.5 in. (88mm) x 5.7 in. (175mm) x 1.2 in. (30mm) (W x L x H)
Power: No batteries required

Medical-grade Exercise Treadmill
Power: 208-240V, 50/60Hz, dedicated 15A Running space 22 in. x 63 in. cushioned, lubricated, low-profile
Wall receptacle type: NEMA 6-15R Weight capacity 500 lb
Speed: 0.5 – 12 MPH, zero start Stop button Movable emergency stop button
Elevation: 0 – 25% Warranty Covered by treadmill manufacturer

Monitoring Filters
ST level
Muscle artifact (20Hz, 40Hz)
ST slope
AC line
Average resting beats
Baseline drift
Average current beats over resting
Heart rate, Maximum predicted heart rate, % MPHR
Blood Pressure
Ventricular events per minute

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Step into the 21st century.

Midmark has made PC-based diagnostic medical equipment the newest and most effective generation of devices for your practice or facility.

And with the industry moving steadily (and inevitably) toward EMR patient data management, where everything is going to tie in with your computer systems, this is the perfect time to incorporate the new line of Midmark systems into the way you care for your patients and maintain your records and documentation.

It's never been easier. And there's never been a better time or opportunity. Midmark leads the industry in everything it does. PC-based diganostic medical equipment is here, and Midmark is leading the way — setting the Gold Standard everyone else will be trying to match.

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