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Midmark IQ-Holter

No EMR? No worries.
The IQmanager software will
handle all of your diagnostic info.

Midmark IQmanager

If you don't have an EMR yet, Midmark still has you covered.

The Midmark IQmanager software provides a highly-efficient, easy-to-navigate environment for you to store and interpret all of your ECG, Holter, Stress, and Spirometry data captured from any of the Midmark IQ diagnostic devices.


Haven’t invested in an EHR or EMR? Use the IQ Digital Diagnostic Devices along with IQmanager™ Software to streamline the efficiency of your clinical workflow and staff. Midmark IQmanager Software makes diagnostic testing faster, easier and more efficient. Run all of your tests from our system and have full access to your patient’s diagnostic records at the touch of a button, all on your existing computer, tablet or laptop.

  • Easily pull reports, input patient data and fax information from the user interface

  • Reduce the possibility of errors while increasing the number of tests completed daily

  • Eliminate the need for and cost of thermal paper

  • Built-in patient management software to review, edit and store patient information

  • Acquires, interprets and trends patient data for comprehensive viewing

  • Save time by eliminating the need to re-enter patient data

  • Simple to use with one click email and fax options

  • Store 55,000 ECGs in just 1GB of hard drive space


The Midmark IQmanager Software offers a complete Patient Data Management Software System that digitally stores many different diagnostic tests for your patients. Designed with Microsoft’s open-architecture products in mind, our software offers capabilities such as EMR integration (using ActiveX controls), networking, central database (MS SQL Server) and Access database options. The storage of physiological measurements include: ECG, Spirometry, Holter, Stress, and temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and pulse oximetry (when connected to a supported vital signs monitors) as well as weight capture using a supported digital scale.

How it all fits together
The Midmark IQmanager Software allows the physician to store, review, edit and delete all diagnostic tests acquired through the Midmark IQmanager. In addition, the doctor can store patient demographics for quick retrieval for re-testing or analysis. If the doctor has a network in place, the Midmark IQmanager will give him the capability to review tests in the comfort of his office while the staff is acquiring data in examination rooms.

If they only want to test and have someone else over-read and analyze the results, they can email the tests to a colleague.

The interfaces to additional modalities will make the Midmark IQmanager a central, necessary software package in the physician’s office.

Vital Signs Workstation
For users that already have a supported vital signs monitor (NiBP, temperature, pulse rate, SpO2, weight scale, etc), the Midmark IQmanager will only allow them to acquire data from the monitors and then display the results. Weight can also be digitally acquired from A&D™, Tanita™ or seca™ scales.

What is the IQmanager Software?

The Midmark IQmanager can be defined as the following:

  • Platform for IQmark and Midmark IQ brand diagnostic tests — All users have the same privileges.

  • Storage and management software for patient demographics and test results.

  • Network capability – Multi-users each with full access to files.

  • Transfer capability – Email, send to file, archive, delete, etc.

  • Patient test data can be digitally incorporated into your future EMR – eliminating paper now and manual scanning in the future.

Allows interface to multiple modalities:
1. Midmark IQecg
2. Midmark IQholter Systems
3. Midmark IQspiro
4. Midmark IQstress
5. IQmark Digital ECG
6. IQmark Digital Spirometry
7. IQmark Digital Holter Systems
8. IQmark EZ Stress
9. Temperature
10. NiBP – Non-invasive Blood Pressure
11. SpO2 – Pulse Oximetry
12. Static Pulse Rate
13. Weight

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Step into the 21st century.

Midmark has made PC-based diagnostic medical equipment the newest and most effective generation of devices for your practice or facility.

And with the industry moving steadily (and inevitably) toward EMR patient data management, where everything is going to tie in with your computer systems, this is the perfect time to incorporate the new line of Midmark systems into the way you care for your patients and maintain your records and documentation.

It's never been easier. And there's never been a better time or opportunity. Midmark leads the industry in everything it does. PC-based diganostic medical equipment is here, and Midmark is leading the way — setting the Gold Standard everyone else will be trying to match.

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