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Tuttnauer EZ9 Automatic Autoclave

Tuttnauer EZ9 &
Tuttnauer EZ10 Sterilizers

Tuttnauer's Mid-Size Automatics

  • EZ9 Chamber size: 9" x 18" (three trays)
  • EZ10 Chamber size: 10" x 19" (four trays)
  • Tray dims: each tray measures 6.7" x 16.3"
  • External dims: 20" wide x 21.5" deep x 14.4" high
  • Cycle-time: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Available built-in printer for recording cycle data.
  • Full 24-month warranty! (Ten years on the chamber!)

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The Tuttnauer EZ9 and EZ10: Best In Class

The Tuttnauer EZ9 and EZ10 Automatic Autoclaves have been our best-selling sterilizers for over five years. Why? Because they are exceptional in their capabilities, they are affordably priced, they are extremely rugged (originally designed for lab environments) and they boast the longest and best warranty in the industry (a full 24 months, parts and labor).

The Tuttnauer automatic EZ9 and EZ10 sterilizers are fully programmable with all of the standard cycles (wrapped, unwrapped, glassware/liquid), require no special plumbing (simply add distilled water), and, unlike their competitors, they are capable of closed-door, HEPA air-filtered drying.

These systems normally run on standard 120V electric, although the 10" model is available in an optional 220-volt "flash" version (the EZ10K "Kwiklave"), which is much faster, providing for 9- to 12-minute cycle times.

With the Tuttnauer EZ9 you have a 9" x 18" chamber (room for two full-size and two half-size standard cassettes). It comes with three trays, each measuring 6.7" x 16.3".

With the Tuttnauer EZ10 you have a 10" x 19" chamber (room for three full-size and three half-size standard cassettes). The trays are the same 6.7" x 16.3", but the EZ10 comes with four.

How do these compare to the Ritters?

TheTuttnauer automatic autoclaves have several distinct differences from the Ritter Ultraclaves. Most notably these four:

1.) Ritters have an automatic door that pops open at the end of the cycle, letting the steam out, whereas the Tuttnauer automatics can run a closed-door drying cycle for you.

2.) Ritters are designed with the instrument panel above the door, whereas the Tuttnauers are designed with it off to the side, where it is less likely to encounter steam.

3.) Ritters are all limited to 120V, whereas the optional upgrade to a Tuttnauer EZ10K is more than twice as fast because of its 220V, enabling it to reach temperature much quicker.

4.) Ritters come with a 12-month warranty, whereas Tuttnauers are covered for 24 months.

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Faster Cycles?

About a quarter of our clients coming to us for an EZ10 end up deciding on the faster, 220-volt EZ10K, which is more than twice as fast as its 120-volt counterpart.

It might be a hassle initially to set up an outlet for 220-volt, but the advantage in sheer speed (depending on your work flow and caseload), might prove well worth it.

We can provide you with all of the electrical specs you will want to provide your electrician so that he can have the outlet ready for you in advance of your sterilizer arriving. And if your building is actually 208-volt? No worries. We have an easy solution for that as well!

Why Tuttnauer?

Tuttnauer is currently the leading mid-size laboratory autoclave manufacturer in America.

No other sterilizer company in the US is offering 2-year parts and labor warranties with a full 10 years on the chamber! That's how much Tuttnauer believes in its product and why we are so proud to carry their autoclaves.

What's more, Tuttnauer is the only sterilizer on the market with fully closed-door HEPA-air-filtered drying. This ensures that your instruments are dried with no exposure to outside air and never left to sit in a wet, closed chamber. This gives you greater flexibility and superior sterilization for your office.

Why Fisher?

Family owned and operated for over 30 years, Fisher Biomedical specializes in consulting with clients on their sterilization needs, having worked with medical, dental, and opthalmological offices, surgery centers and hospitals, veterinary practices, colleges and universities, government agencies and military installations, everything from small med spas up through major institutions and manufacturing laboratories across the USA.

When you call us, you speak with an expert who can answer your questions and help you not only find the right system, at the right price — but also get up and running successfully, rapidly, effectively.

No other seller or service-provider offers this level of expertise and support. Don't settle for companies that
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