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SciCan HydrIM Instrument Washers

SciCan HydrIM G4 Instrument Washers

C61W & L110W G4 Models

  • Stop scrubbing your instruments by hand and save valuable time!
  • Choose between two sizes to accommodate any practice.
  • And don't even think about spending the kind of money your Steris dealer is quoting you!

StatIM Sales
StatIM Sales - HydrIM G4 Washers

SciCan HydrIM C61w G4 and L110w G4 Instrument Washing Systems

Prior to placing instruments in the HYDRIM, remove gross debris. Then load instruments in cassettes or baskets, place in the HYDRIM, and press start. HYDRIM’s rapid cycles wash, rinse and dry your instruments, preparing them for sterilization in STATIM® or other autoclaves.

The HIPTM chemical (HYDRIM Cleaning Solution with Instrument Protection) has been carefully formulated to provide outstanding compatibility with a wide range of materials and coatings. HIP is automatically added at various stages in the cycle to optimize the cleaning and protection of instruments. Independent testing indicates 99.9% protein removal — far beyond the level detectable with the naked eye!

Speed, durability, proprietary chemical and software; these are the elements that combine to make HYDRIM the best instrument washing system available.

NOTE TO DENTISTS: We are not authorized to sell to dentists. If you are affiliated with a hospital, we can sell to the hospital and ship there. But we cannot ship directly to a dentist office. No exceptions. Sorry!
NOTE TO CANADIANS: Under no circumstances whatsoever are we able to ship a SciCan system into Canada. We are only authorized to sell within the United States.

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