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Sorry! We no longer have access to EBT scanners.

The best source for EBT scanners (either fixed site or mobile) in the US is probably Bryan Hall with E- Source Solutions, based in California but with EBT systems all across the country. You can reach Bryan at: 877-290-0476.

ge imatron c300 ebt  




GE Imatron has this to say ove the C300 EBT System:

EBT Looks Better than Ever
In addition to its stunning exterior appearance, GE Imatron has implemented many new and enhanced functions that exploit EBT's 50 ms imaging speed. Moving far beyond calcium scanning for early detection of Coronary Artery Disease, new proprietary cardiac analysis software and functional imaging capabilities demonstrate the developmental evolution and diagnostic potential of the C300. The GE Imatron C300 EBT features comprehensive cardiac imaging capabilities including perfusion and wall motion analysis, as well as improved low-dose lung scanning, and virtual colonography. Some of these features include:

Completely New User Interface
Of all the improvements delivered with the new C300 scanner its new user interface, or control system, is the most dramatic. The new interface, based on rapidly expanding industry standard PC platforms, is protocol driven and designed for rapid training and ease of use.

Scanning, image viewing, archiving and networking are all state of the art, and follow industry conventions. This makes operation more convenient, and extremely easy to learn. DICOM conventions are used throughout the system. In addition, the user interface provides the basis for future EBT enhancements.

Imatron's Mobile EBT™ Scanner
The Mobile Advantages

Placing the Imatron EBT (Electron Beam Tomography™) scanner in a custom designed van takes all the benefits of scan center ownership and puts them on the road. In rural communities, or in areas with population centers widely separated, mobile EBT provides the perfect solution, enabling you to relocate your place of business where it is needed - when it is needed.

Transportable Technology

The mobile EBT scanner is sold as a turnkey product incorporating up-to-the-minute C300 scanning technology.High resolution diagnostic images of the heart, lungs and abdomen are equivalent to those acquired by a permanently-sited EBT system.

Each ruggedized mobile scanner is designed for easy relocation, providing ready access to the latest imaging technology for a broad range of specialties, including cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology and radiology.

Measuring 48ft. in length, 8ft. 6in. in width, and 13ft. 4in. in height, the mobile EBT is a complete and professionally appointed "center on wheels."

No Compromises

The Imatron mobile EBT system is designed to be both beautiful and practical. Adjustable lighting, background music and climate controls ensure a relaxing experience for the patient.

Key Applications for the C300 Imatron (click below for details)

New EBT Capabilities

Today, EBT™ is the first and only device which can provide a comprehensive cardiac exam including:

Three-phase EBA: Three images are acquired during every consective heartbeat to optimize triggering for each major artery -- even during arrhythmia.

35% trigger

45% trigger

55% trigger


Visualization of long Right Coronary Artery (RCA) stent:

Conventional angiogram

EBA using curved multiplanar reforatting

EBA using volume rendering

Low-dose lung scanning: Diagnostic lung images benefit from the fast EBT image acquisition.

EBT offers new and innovative diagnostic imaging capabilities including procedures that aid physicians in the detection and diagnosis of the leading causes of death: heart disease, lung anomalies and colorectal disorders. In virtually every country of the world, heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women over the age of fifty. Today, EBT is the first and only device clinically proven to track the build-up of coronary artery calcification, monitor heart function, and image the lumen of the arteries.

Imatron’s patented and proprietary system architecture offers practitioners the flexibility to perform a wide range of procedures that includes excellent high resolution tomographic examinations of all body organs. In addition, EBT performs many important imaging techniques that demand the fastest possible image acquisition time. Low-dose lung scanning with EBT freezes the motion caused by the beating heart. Faster scans also result in better z-plane coverage without compromising image quality. The lung can be imaged on EBT in just 12 seconds, even using thin slices. EBT’s advanced multi-slice cine mode uses 50ms scans to perform procedures at a remarkable 17 frames per second.These cine capabilities are often used to image the beating heart for physiologic and blood flow analyses. EBT imaging is safe, reliable, and available throughout the world.

You will find a wealth of information on the GE Imatron and its procedures at the manufacturer's website. You can go there now by clicking on the logo below:

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